Thursday, June 11, 2009

Budget Cut Backs For A Healthier LifeStyle


This is an old post that had quite a few comments from on my other blog. I thought it was worth posting again. We are all looking for ways to cut back. Hopefully this will help. Although this post is about trying to save money to be a stay at home mom I felt it might be helpful for cutting back on some other areas. By doing so we are able to put more money towards eating more nutritious food.

I had a reader mention recently that she was about $500 short per month from being able to balance the budget and stay home. I hope that this post will somehow help others see that you can make this work.

How much are you willing to sacrifice to stay home with your children? This is a question that I often have to ask woman when they ask me how I manage to be a SAHM on my husband's teaching salary. The other statement that I often get from people is "Oh, you are so lucky to be able to stay home with your children. Your husband must have a good job." I have to make sure that I am polite and say thank you I know I am lucky, but what I want to say to them is luck has nothing to do with it. I stay home by choice and I make choices daily that keep me there.

What are some of the luxuries or so called "needs" that you may have to sacrifice to stay home? I have decided to put together a list of things that my family felt we did not need and truly have not really missed. I realize that some of these things we may be able to have again in the future, but for this season of our lives they are not necessities.

I am going to put an approximate dollar amount to the things on this list so you can see how quickly you can "find" that extra $500 in the budget. It may not seem that you will have any material comforts left at first, but I think you will soon realize, just how little you really need to be happy. The Lord said that he will make sure that we have food to eat, clothes on our back, and a roof over our head. This is the ultimate picture of true contentment. To be happy with the simple things in life. I will not say that I am not still struggling daily with contentment, but I am trying.

  • Cable tv Total we saved $100/month going with minimal cable, phone and internet.
  • High speed internet (We do have DSL, but a slower version)
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID (Ok this one I miss)
  • Long distance telephone service
  • Cut Blow money $50/month
  • NO eating out except special occasions $50-$100/month
  • Gym membership $50/month
  • OnStar $15/month
  • Budget groceries Depending on your family $100-$200/month
  • Try to get your electric and gas on an average payment plan For us this saved about $50/ month
  • Use less water, shower every other day. $5-10/month
  • Eliminate trash bill (A little radical, but it can be done.) $30/month
  • Cut back on your driving to save on gas (If you don't work this should be easier)$50-$100
  • Cut family clothing budget. Try garage sales and thrift stores. $25-50/month
  • Coupon shop or make your own cleaning supplies $10-15/month
  • Put a $5 limit on gifts. This can force you to be creative. With coupons I still am able to come up with some nice gifts. $25-$50/month
  • Cancel magazine subscriptions. $10/month
  • Come up with free or cheap entertainment. Keep an eye out for coupons or free events, or try having a family night at home. $25/month
  • Possibly sell one car $300/month
  • Before quitting your job eliminate debt. $100-$300/month
As you can see these numbers can very quickly add up.

Realize that some of these changes will not be permanent. They are just some things you may have to sacrifice for a season to make your dreams come true. You can eventually start adding some small things back in. See Crystal's post here about living on a very bare bones budget of $1000 a month. It is amazing.

Think of saving money as your new "job." You are not technically being paid for it, but you are sort of making money. Remember all the expenses you will no longer have by not working out of the home. The average mom only makes a couple of dollars an hour after all the expense are paid so she can work, unless you have a very high paying job. That hardly seems worth it to me.
  • Work Clothes $25-50/month
  • Dry Cleaning $25/month
  • Work Lunches $50/month
  • Daycare! $400-500 per child per month
  • Gas $100/month
Things you will gain as a SAHM...
  • Seeing all your child's firsts and not hearing about it from the sitter
  • Being able to go to all school events and field trips
  • Showing your children by example how to live a Godly life
  • Seeing those beautiful smiles first thing in the morning and knowing you will not have to leave them with someone else.
  • Being able to stay home with a sick child and not miss work
  • Home cooked meals
  • A happier family because mom is not stressed out
  • Time to plan a menu, shop, and save money
  • Quality time with your husband
  • This list could go on forever. You can add some of your own perks.

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