Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where Are You In Your Journey?

I had planned on starting the baby steps to healthier eating today, but having a very fussy 2 year old, bread baking for the hubbies work, a huge mountain of laundry, and pregnancy I have decided to let you tell do the work today.
I thought it would be an interesting idea to have people leave their comments about where they currently are with there journey to a healthier lifestyle. It does not matter if you are just beginning and looking for a place to start or if you have been transitioning for awhile now. I am hoping to make this a monthly feature so that we can help each other out and gain ideas. I think it may also help me to be more accountable to continue trying to eat better even if the pregnancy hormones are telling me to do otherwise.
If anyone is interested in blogging about their story and leaving a link let me know and I will add a Mr Linky.


  1. Hi Lorrie,

    I just began reading your blog, and I really enjoy it!

    I would say that I am fairly far along in my natural journey in theory. I read a lot, and I've acquired a lot of knowledge over the past couple of years. And I've implemented a lot of it. But I still struggle. There are some things that still seem too intimidating for me to attempt right now, such as soaking and sprouting grains. And we're really working right now on figuring out our food priorities so that we can eat real, healthy food within our budget. I read one of your budget posts, and I think you and I have about the same food budget, so that was really helpful to see how you break things down. Anyway, there's my two cents!

  2. Our food journey started with changing milk. From there, we went to planting/preserving huge gardens, raising organic beef and eggs, grinding grains. There is usually something fermenting or sprouting on my counter. With 9 kids, we had to get creative, but it was do-able. Currently, I spend about $100/week on groceries, with trips to a warehouse store every 3 months. During the warm weather, we visit our local farmer's market every weekend. There are still people who barter and trade and that is a good place to look! We're "down" to 6 kids in the nest and we are far from having this all figured out! It is still very much a "work in progress".

  3. I went walking with some friends for an hour this morning. Something brand new for me. We hope to meet weekly!

  4. Oops! I know what I posted is not about eating, but I guess exercise can go along with it :) In terms of eating healthier, I'm trying to wean our pantry of processed foods. I still buy certain things (try to buy organic or natural in those areas) & make & bake more homemade goods. Also eating more meatless.

  5. Hurrayic,
    I think that exercise fits with this post. Exercise is a very important part of being healthier. Thanks for posting and good luck with your new goals.