Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Easy Meal Plan Systems

If you are like me you sometimes struggle when it comes to making out your weekly or monthly meal plan. I often feel like I get stuck in a rut. If you have these problems I have 2 new websites for you to try out to help alleviate this problem.
E-Mealz.com is a company that charges only $5 per month to allow you to download a weekly menu with a complete grocery list. I like this site because you can choose from vegetarian and other specialty diets. They also have menu plans that can be purchased from certain grocery stores such as Kroger. I thought these could be helpful to give me new ideas. I realize that these menus are not organic or all natural, but you could easily adjust them to fit your lifestyle.

The second site I have found to be very useful is Once A Month Mom. She gives you a list of groceries that go with the store sales that you can be purchasing the month before you will need them. You can then download one months worth of menu plans along with grocery lists, recipes, and exact cooking instructions.

Hopefully you can find these sites helpful as you plan your next menu.

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