Tuesday, June 15, 2010

$3/3 Hain Celestial Coupon

Coupons.com had added a new $3/3 Hain Celestial coupon to their website. I LOVE these coupons. Usually when a coupon says you have to buy 3 of something to use it I don't get too excited, but with this one I do. Hain Celestial has a lot of different brands under it that will work with this coupon such as Spectrum, Arrowhead Mills, Sunspire, Hain, and Imagine.

Last week I found one of these coupons in my local health food store and was able to get 3 Imagine soups that were marked down to $.99 each. So they were FREE!

Last January I also found Sunspire chocolate chips clearance priced which made them around $.25 each with a coupon like this.

I have also found Arrowhead Mills items marked down to $.99-$1.99 quite frequently. So there are lots of ways to use this one. Print it while you can.

Thanks Organic Deals


  1. loving your blog! this is a good coupon but i was disappointed when it printed its a $3 off $10 purchase...:(

  2. It is 3 off of 10, but I still used it because I had been wanting to buy some healthier "fats." I bought Safflower Mayo, Canola Spray Oil, and Sunflower oil. It was slightly over 10 bucks for all three, so the coupon really helped. Not as cheap as free cheetos, but way better in the long run!

  3. I am sorry to hear that they have decided to change the coupon. When I posted this others were able to print a $3/3. Oh well it may still come in handy.