Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fridays Frugal Finds

OK, so I realize it is Saturday, but I did not have a chance to get this posted yesterday. I am planning to start a weekly carnival for everyone who would like to come and link all their natural, organic, or other frugal finds. Did you find something at a garage sale that you would like to share? I would love to hear.
I have not had a chance to set up a way for you to leave links yet this week so you can leave your links in a comment for this week. I will try to have everything up and running by next Friday.
Here are my Frugal Finds this week...
The picture at the top of this post is from my Green Acres run. I spent around $10 after coupons.
2 Organic Valley Buttermilk $.99 - $2/2 coupon = Free
Stoneyfield Farms Tube Yogurt $1.99
4 Walaby Australian Yogurt $.59 each - $1/4 = $.34 each
2 Rudi's English Muffins $.99 - $1/2 = $.50 each
2 Rudi's buns/bread $.99-$1/1 = $.50 each
1/4 pound Medjool Dates $2

This is a photo of my Dillons trip. Total around $30
2 Organic sweet potatoes
6 Avocados
1 Cucumber
Baby carrots
2 Grapefruit
Organic Lettuce
1 Onion
Kroger shredded cheese
Kroger raisins
Kroger can green beans
Kroger can pears
Kroger can mandarin oranges
Sugar (I know it's white. I am limited on budget this month and needed it for making jam)
Eggland's Best eggs (Not able to get fresh this week)
I had a coupon for $4/$20 produce purchase, but was $3 short when I checked out. Oops
I also had a $.50/2 Kroger can fruit and $.35/1 Kroger baby carrots
I decided to order from using their $4 off a $30 order and free shipping for new customers. The above ended up costing around $29 total.
The Seventh Generation toilet paper was BOGO $11.99 for 2
Tom's Of Maine toothpaste $1.99 - $4 when you buy 4 = $.99 each
Aubrey Organic shampoo
Biokleen laundry liquid
Like I have said before some of my totals are a bit higher then you will find on other coupon sites, but the cost of organic and natural items is a bit higher. I hope you will be able to see that it is still possible to get them for less.
This is Jack enjoying the box. The kids were so excited to help me unload the box. Who would have thought a box full of toiletries would be so exciting?


  1. i highly suggest stevia ,soaked dates or raising for sweetening way cheap, once you figure out how sweet you like

  2. i thought you got some great deals!