Sunday, June 6, 2010

Menu Plan June 7-13

I have discovered many times that if you do not have a menu plan for the week you will more then likely end up spending way more on convenience foods. I usually start out the month by mapping out what I think we will be eating for the month and keep it in a spiral notebook. It is fun to keep each notebook and go back to see what we were eating at the same time the year before. I often see something that I have forgotten about and would like to try again.

Here is what I am planning this week...

Breakfast-Cereal and apple
Lunch- Family lunch with my parent's
Dinner-Leftover hamburgers for adults, bean dip and chips for kids. Veggies for all

Breakfast-Green smoothies
Lunch-Organic mac and cheese, green drops (this is what my kids call peas), fruit
Dinner-Lentil casserole in tortillas, mixed veggies
Breakfast-Toast and fruit
Lunch-Turkey rolls, carrots, apples
Dinner-Homemade beef pizza, salad
Breakfast-Eggs and toast with peppers and onion
Lunch-Corn dog muffins, green beans
Dinner-Organic beef sausage, kraut, veggie

Breakfast- Green smoothies
Lunch-Homemade hummus, homemade pita, fresh veggies
Dinner-Garlic pasta with tomatoes and veggies

Breakfast-Crock pot oatmeal, fruit
Lunch-Homemade fish sticks, green drops, fruit
Dinner-Chicken and veggie stir fry with quinoa

Breakfast- French toast, fruit
Lunch- Leftovers
Dinner- Leftovers

What are you planning this week?


  1. I never think to plan a weeks menu until too late. Normally I am scrambling at the last minute. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Ooh, tell me more about these "corn dog muffins"... those sound fun! And I love how your kids call peas "green drops". Very cute! Looks like a great week. :)

  3. Do you mind sharing your recipe for crockpot oatmeal? I would love to try it out. We are oatmeal eaters at my house!
    Nikki M.

  4. Jessie Leigh,
    I found the recipe for corn dog muffins at Heavenly Homemakers. Basically you mix up some cornbread and half fill a muffin tin. You then cut hot dogs in thirds and place one in each muffin. Top with more cornbread batter and bake.

    My kids started calling peas green drops after they watched Charlie and Lola. We have found that if we rename "icky" foods or ask them what sound they make when they bite into them they eat them better.

  5. Nikki,

    My crock pot oatmeal is not really anything fancy. I just add 1-2 cups oats, milk, water, spices, honey or maple syrup, and maybe some dried fruit to the crockpot and cook it on low overnight. That way we have a hot breakfast ready when we get up in the morning. It turns out really creamy.

  6. Sounds great, thanks for the tip!
    Nikki M.