Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whole Foods Version Of An Unhappy Meal

OK, I have to start out this post by admitting to the fact that I have bought my children food from the Golden Arches. I am not sure I have met a mother who has not given in at one time or another. I try very hard to avoid this option at all costs.

As much as I try there are just those days that I am too tired to cook and the kids really want chicken nuggets. On a good day I am happy to make some homemade chicken nuggets, but when I am short on time I make my own version of a fast food kids meal. Here is an approximate cost break down.

Applegate Farms chicken nuggets. No hormones, no antibiotics, real ingredients. At around $6 this box is a great deal. It will make 2 meals for my 2 older children for a total of 4 meals.
$1.50 per serving

An apple, you could also use a bag of organic, baked "fries"
Approximate cost $.33 split between 2 children
$.16 per serving

Chocolate almond milk.
I had a coupon for this making it only $.99
Approx. $.20 per serving

Total per meal $1.86

Add in some organic ketchup and you have a decently healthy quick meal. I realize that this is not the pinnacle of a healthy meal, but it has to be better then a drive though meal.

This is what Jack's meal ended up looking like. He opted for some grapes and fresh snap peas from the garden. It may not have ended up being the meal described above, but you get the idea.

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