Saturday, August 14, 2010

Babo Botanicals Update

I have had several people ask me how to get the $5 credit for being a first time buyer. I had the same question myself. I emailed the owner of the company to find out what to do. She said that there is no $5 credit and that it must be the Eversave first time buyer credit that we are seeing. I emailed her the link to where the Babo Botanicals picture says there is a $5 credit. We figured out that the Eversave site is the only one displaying this banner across the Babo Botanicals picture and that it must be an advertisement for the Eversave $5 credit.

I am so sorry that this did not work out the way I anticipated. I still think it looks like a $5 credit to both places. I still think it is a great deal. You should still be able to get $30 worth of product for $7 if you were able to buy the Eversave voucher before they sold out. Remember you can use the voucher toward shipping costs as well.

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