Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wilderness Family Naturals: $10 Off Plus Double Points

OK, I don't usually copy and paste a deal, but I am short on time this morning and I wanted to get this posted. This is what came in an email this morning from Wilderness Family Naturals. Enjoy!

A Gift Certificate for You!

Although we offer Gift Certificates that everyone can purchase for friends and loved ones, we decided to “turn the tables” and do the same for our customers! So, during the next 5 days, Wilderness Family Naturals is offering a $10 gift certificate to each of our newsletter customers! This is a wonderful opportunity to order and save.

Instructions: Use coupon code TENOFF at check out before midnight on 09/28/10 *limit 1 coupon per customer

Don’t Forget to Check Out
Bargain Bay

This page contains products on clearance, those with a shorter shelf-life, and overstock items. We guarantee the quality is still present and will never sell an inferior product here. We simply do not want to have product sit too long on our shelves and love to offer “good deals” to our customers. Many people find this page a fantastic place for great buys!

Double Your Points Earned for the next 5 days!

For 5 days, from Thursday, September 23rd until Tuesday, September 28th you can double your points for twice the savings. Don’t miss Double Days!

Type of Points

Difference in Points

Purchasing Power

Regular Points

5% back: $100 = 5 points


Double Points

10% back: $100 = 10 points


To qualify, all you need to do is create an account online and be logged in when you order. This is a great way to be rewarded for purchases! During Double Days, you earn 10% of your current purchase to be used as a discount on any future order.

When you combine both offers above, you will receive $10 off your purchase and 10% of that purchase can be used as a discount off any future order! That’s making your money work for you!

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