Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Whole Foods and Dillons Shopping Trips

I decided to try couponing for the first time at Whole Foods today. I was very pleased with how nice the cashier was. She even had to have a manager come over and help her manually enter a few coupons. Even the manager was nice. The cashier gave me some tips on watching for sales to get some good deals later.

I had to shop with 3 of my children so I had trouble concentrating on what I needed to be doing. It is not easy to keep track of what coupon goes with what when you are trying to keep track of a 2 year old who refuses to stay in the cart. Thankfully my mom needed to shop at Whole Foods as well so she came and took 2 kiddos so I could finish.

I still think I did not do as well as I could have. I think my total was a bit higher then it should have been. I checked my receipt when I got home and I think a couple of coupons did not get scanned. I also found one in my purse that I forgot to use. The other thing that made my total higher then I planned was that I ended up buying 4 packages of gluten free pasta since we found it on sale for $2 a package.

The final reason I did not do as well as planned was because they were either out of several items I wanted to buy or they did not carry them.

Here is a photo of what I bought minus 2 candy bars that I bought the older kids for being good.

2 Rice Dream milks $2 each
-(2) $1 off any Dream Non-Dairy product
-(2) $1 off Whole Foods Dream non-dairy product
Total FREE

4 Almond Breeze milks $1.79 each
-(2) $1 off any 2 Almond Breeze products
-(2) $1 off any 2 Whole Foods coupons found in store or print here
Total $.79 each

2 Alexia french fries $3 each (Hubby was disappointed they did not have onion rings)
-(2) $1 off any Alexia product
-(2) $1 Whole Foods Alexia coupon
Total $1 each

4 Gluten Free pasta $2 each

1 Melt buttery spread $4.39
-$2 off any Melt product
Total $2.39

1 Beyond Meat "beef'" $4.99 (I planned to use my BOGO coupon but they only had 1 left)
-$1 off any Beyond Meat product
-$1 off any Beyond Meat product Whole Foods coupon
Total $2.99

2 Enjoy Life Candy Bars $1.69 each (I forgot to print the $.55 off manufacturer coupon)
-(2) $1 off any Enjoy Life product Whole Foods coupon. 
Total $.69 each

I am still not sure which coupons did not scan. I think my total should have been $2-3 less.

Total Spent $23.99

Dillons Trip #1

I actually bought these toothbrushes on 2 different days.

They are on sale for $1 each. For every 2 you buy you get a $2 catalina to use on your next shopping trip.

Total out of pocket $12 plus tax
Plus I got $12 on catalinas to use later.

Dillons Trip #2

I did not use any paper coupons for this trip other then my catalinas from the toothbrushes. I did have a few coupons loaded to my Dillons card.

4 cans Simple Truth organic beans $1 each

4 jars unsweetened applesauce $2.19 each 

1 package mandarin orange cups for kids lunches $2.00

1 box Kroger granola bars $3.49 (I know not natural, but sometimes I need something quick for snacks)

1 package frozen peas $1

1 package frozen cauliflower $1.69

2 packages frozen broccoli $1 each

1 package fresh strawberries $2

3 Lara bars $1 each 
-$1/3 e-coupon 

1 dozen Simple Truth natural eggs $3.19

3 Oikos yogurt cups marked down to $.49 each

1 Chobani yogurt cup $1.00
- FREE Dillons e-coupon (no longer available)

1 package Simple truth salad $3.59
-$.50 e-coupon

2.92 lbs Bananas $1.72

Kroger Milk $ 2.50 (I wish we bought organic, but it does not fit in the budget. We used to drink raw milk, but had to quit due to price and distance to drive for it. I hope to someday have diary goats)

1 Hersheys Hazelnut spread $.99 (Again not healthy, but I couldn't help myself)

4 Hersheys snacksters $.25 each (A treat for the kids this week. I must have been wanting chocolate)

Total after catalinas $32.25

Total Spent today $68.24

As you can see I do not buy everything totally organic, but I do try to feed my family of 6 as much unprocessed food as possible...all on a small budget.

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