Friday, October 2, 2015

Dillons Free Friday Download: Free Pure Via Stevia 40ct Box

Sorry to get this up so late. My husband and I share a computer and he has it at work all day. I finally got a chance to get this posted. Hopefully some of you will still be able to get this loaded to your card before midnight.

Every Friday Kroger stores and affiliates, Dillons if you live in my neighborhood, offers a free item to download to your card. This week happens to be a great one if you are into a whole foods, clean eating diet.

When you go to Kroger you can click to add a FREE box of Pure Via stevia 40 ct.  Once you have the coupon loaded to your card the price of the stevia will automatically come off your total when you buy it at the store.

I looked at it quickly and it claims to be all natural and GMO free. I have been thinking about trying stevia so this will be a great way to try it out without spending any money.

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