Thursday, October 1, 2015

HOT!! Closeout Deals At Dillons (Possibly Other Koger Stores)

This afternoon I needed to run to Dillons to get index cards. I ended up coming home with a whole lot more then just index cards. I happened to take a quick spin through the natural foods section to see if they had anything on clearance. Boy was I in for a treat. I saw some things on clearance in the frozen section and then everywhere I turned I saw more! Needless to say I had to go back to the front of the store to get a know for my index cards ;)

I am going to bet that these items are also going to be on closeout at other Dillons around town. Possibly at other Kroger stores as well. If anyone finds these deals elsewhere make sure to come back and leave a comment so others can get in on this. 

I have to say that I get really excited when I find good deals on healthy food since I live in a small town and our options are quite limited. 

Above is a picture of everything I ended up coming home with. I spent a total of $29.36

Here is a breakdown of what I spent for each item.

5 Boxes of Bear Naked Granola snack packs $.97 each

5 Boxes DeBoles Gluten Free Angel Hair Pasta $.67 each

2 Boxes Amy's Sonoma Veggie Burgers $2.64 each

1 Box Amy's California Veggie Burgers $2.44 

1 Box Qrunch Veggie Burgers $2.29

2 Bold Pizzas $3.64 each

1 Package Index Cards $.99

1 Box Kashi Granola Bars $1.49

Total $29.36 

I wish I would have had time to go online and look for some coupons to go with these to save even more. Either way I was thrilled with my finds. 

Below are some pictures of all the closeout deals I found. 

These are a GREAT deal. One of my children is on a gluten free diet and his food can be very expensive. He loves the Amy's sonoma burgers, but at $5.29 for 4 I only buy then occasionally. He will be excited to get to take these in his lunches next week. 

I thought these would be fun for my husband and I to try since we love spicy foods. This price makes each veggie burger only $.57 each! We don't eat a lot of meat at our house so I am always on the lookout for quality plant based protein. 

I splurged on a couple of these for family movie night this weekend. 

Some of the Luvo products are half price! If you like Kashi make sure to check out the cereal.

 I was a little sad that they were out of these. My kids would have loved it. 

I am not sure how I am going to feel about this flavor of granola bar, but for the price it was worth buying a box. If nothing else my 5 year old will eat them. She is easy to please. 

If you are in the market for some good quality supplements make sure to check out the simple truth brand that is on clearance. 

This is an INCREDIBLE deal! I bought 5 boxes so I would have quick snacks to toss in lunch boxes.

I may have squealed a bit when I saw this price. As I mentioned we have one child on a glluten free diet and I hate to pay the price for his pasta. I ended up clearing the shelf on this item. I try not to do that so others can benefit, but not this time. 

These could be fun.

We love Almond Breeze, but I am not sure I could do honey flavored. If you think this would work for you this is a great price. 

This is an item I would have bought. Too bad they were out. Maybe you will have luck in another store.

Not a bad price for soy milk.

Still a bit pricey for me, but might make a nice treat for lunch boxes.

These fig bars were half off. They were all sold out at my store, but again maybe someone else will have some luck finding them.

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