Monday, February 15, 2016

Menu Plan February 14-20

I have decided to start posting my weekly menu plans again. It has been a while since I have posted them regularly. Normally I would write out what we will be eating each day, but due to time this week I am going to take the lazy way out and just give you the meals I have planned in categories. I typically keep lunches very simple and then make a big family dinner. I am also having a great time planning out menus around our bi-weekly Bountiful Baskets order. It is a great way to challenge myself to feed my family more veggies.

Thanks to OrgJunkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday. If you need menu inspiration make sure to check out all the linked menus today.


Smoothie (Using produce from our Bountiful Baskets order)
Banana Boat (Bananas with Nutella and ground flax seeds)


Lunch with family
Turkey Sandwiches with fresh veggies
Muffins with cheese and fruit
PB & J sandwiches carrots and fruit
Kids get to pick school lunch once a week
Egg salad sandwiches, easy drop biscuits and fruit


Homemade pizza with salad
Baked chicken, grilled zucchini and polenta
Cabbage steaks, beans and rice
Venison and veggie stew, homemake bread
Black bean and quinoa salad
Tacos and roasted broccoli and cauliflower
Baked potato bar with roasted veggies and cheese

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