Monday, February 1, 2016

New Series: My Secrets For Saving On Real Food-Bountiful Baskets Co-op

If you have never heard of Bountiful Baskets before you are missing out. I heard about them several years ago, but never really thought much about it until a friend insisted I try it out. I finally caved a couple of months ago. I am SO glad I did!

The fruits and veggies pictured above cost me a whopping $15!  The price is the same every week that you order. You will get 50% fruit 50% vegetables. There is even an organic option for $25. That is a steal!!

The other thing I love about Bountiful Baskets are the ad ons you can order every week. There is always something different to pick from. Usually there are large cases of fruits or veggies, breads, tortillas or special packs such as soup or holiday packs. I usually get the 5 loaves of organic bread for $12.50, just $2.50 each.

I recently ordered 40 pounds of pears for around $25. There were so many, but they were delicious and fresh.

You can choose to order up to 3 baskets each week and you do not have to order every week. You can also choose your pick up location. In most cases you must be at the pick up location on time and you have a 20 minute window to pick up your basket or it will be donated. Most locations ask that you volunteer from time to time since this is a co-op.

Bountiful Baskets is one of my secrets for feeding a large family on a tight budget. In the next several days I will let you in on a few more of my savings strategies. Go ahead and head on over to Bountiful Baskets to see they offer it in your area.

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