Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Menu Plan-Better Late Then Never

I thought that since I have not been active on this blog for so long I would start with a menu plan to give me some place to get started. We are having a beans and rice week for dinners. A friend of mine, Crystal, from Money Saving Mom posted about this last week which is where I got my inspiration.

Sunday-Homemade scones, peaches
Monday-Lazy Granola
Tuesday-Cereal and yogurt
Wednesday-Toast and eggs
Thursday-Baked oatmeal
Friday-Pancakes and fruit

Lunch (Kids friendly) My husband tends to take dinner leftovers
Sunday-My parent's house
Monday-Chicken nuggets, peas, and fruit
Tuesday-Turkey sandwiches with fresh cut veggies
Wednesday- Free Ted's Montana Grill coupons
Thursday-Peanut butter and jelly rollups with fresh pears.
Friday-Bean burritos, carrots
Saturday- Salad

Sunday-Grilled cheese with soup and veggies
Monday-My parent's house
Tuesday- Taco Salad
Wednesday-Brown rice and lentil casserole, broccoli
Thursday- Black bean soup over rice
Friday- Red beans and rice
Saturday- White chicken chili and cornbread, fresh veggies (Some meat for me and baby)

Hopefully next week I can do a post on how I am using all the pumpkins I have. I cooked some last week, but I did not take pictures. We are hoping to have lots of frozen pureed pumpkin for winter. It is cheaper and healthier then canned. The cheapest cans I can find are at Aldi's for $.75. The pumpkins I bought are $.50/lb. I cooked 4 and got 17 cups of puree.

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