Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Bulk Food Fun

I wish I would have taken a picture of my bulk food purchase yesterday. There was enough to fill up the back of my small SUV! My husband and I decided to make a quick run to Yoder Saturday morning to restock on some staple items. We had so much fun shopping and spending some time together without the kids.

Here is a breakdown of what I came home with....

Carriage Crossing- 2 HUGE cinnamon rolls. We are talking dinner plate size. Total these were less then $3! (definitely an item we "needed")

Yoder Meat Market-I already stocked up on meat from Satchel Creek so we just poked around and bought 2 things of raw milk cheese on sale BOGO, hydroponic, organic tomatoes, and a little cheese snack. I think we spent around $7-8

Yoder Bulk Foods-Our main reason for going........
25 lbs oats
10 pounds black beans
10 pounds pinto beans
10 pounds red beans
5 pounds split peas
50 pounds of flour (No grain mill yet, sigh. I store this in my big freezer)
5 pounds of cornmeal
10 pounds of rice
5 pounds of lentils
6 pounds sugar (Yes, the processed bad stuff. The holidays are coming and my extended family does not care for the natural sweeteners)
Lots of different spices
About 1 lb sea salt

I think that is it unless I left something out. Total for the bulk food store $105! Not too bad. This should be enough to last us 4-5 months. With the meat I bought earlier in the week I am hoping to only have to buy produce and eggs the rest of the month. We will see how it goes. Yes buying natural food is a little more expensive, but when you consider how many things you are not buying it almost evens out.

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