Thursday, June 17, 2010

Amazon: Sensible Snacks

I had my daughter at the Dr this morning for her kindergarten physical. Things took much longer then I had anticipated and they all 3 started to get hungry and cranky. I am so glad that I happened to have a couple of bags of Sensible Snacks with me. The nurse was very impressed that the kids were snacking on organic corn and freeze dried fruit instead of gold fish or some other packaged snack. She even wanted to know were we had found them. I decided I would pass along the information to you as well.

There are 5 varieties of Sensible Snacks: Organic corn, Cherry Berry, Orchard Blend, Organic Apple Harvest and Tropical Fruit. My kids love all 5. I will admit that they are not the cheapest snack, but at least you know they are getting nothing but fruits and veggies. There is nothing else in the ingredient list. If you think about it they really are not that expensive. If you were to stop at a gas station or grocery store and buy your kids a snack you would be spending close to the same amount.

Right now you can order these products in 12 packs for $13.97 when you use subscribe and save.
Remember you will get free shipping with subscribe and save.

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