Friday, June 11, 2010

Grocery Shopping June 6-12 : Lots Of Organics

I went shopping at several store this week to check out some clearance items. I managed to get some photos of the better deals I found. The photo below is of my trip to Green Acres. I decided to stop in quickly after a family dinner at Jason's Deli. My husband and his mother took the kids down to the pond to see the ducks so I could shop by myself.

I found quite a few items on clearance and after doing some more looking managed to score some coupons to go along with the sales.
2 boxes of Pacific brand mushroom broth for $.99 each

3 boxes of Imagine broccoli soup for $.99 each
- $3/3 coupon
Total FREE

4 boxes of Country Choice vanilla wafers for $.99 each
- $1/2 coupon
Total $.50 each

2 Packs of Knudsen spritzers on sale for $3.49
- $1/1 coupon
Total $2.25 each (splurge for me and hubby)

1/4 pound Medjool dates for making fruit and nut balls
Total spent $12.06

The above photo is of one of my Amazon orders as well as 2 out of 3 of my Medco orders. I am still waiting on the third order of Kiss My Face kids detangler and conditioner Total $.99 I was lucky and able to get all 3 $10 off codes to work.

Nutiva organic coconut oi
Total $10.69

Jason's kids toothpaste
Kiss My Face aloe and olive soap
Total $1.07

4 Packs Seventh Generation pantiliners
Kiss My Face aloe and olive lotion
Total $5.94 (I splurged on lotion or my total would have been $.99)

Another Amazon order: 2 pounds Raw, organic cacao powder. We tried it in some homemade icecream sweetened with maple syrup. It was yummy!
Total $12.09

5 gallons bags of cherries my husband picked from one of his parent's friend's trees.
Total FREE

Walgreens 2 boxes of Kashi cereal (No picture)
Total after coupons and register rewards $1

Dillons (No picture)
Produce and a couple of other items
Total Around $15

Food For Thought
Bulk organic popcorn $2

Another mid week Dillons trip
2 Breyers ice cream $3.15 each
Received $2 catalina
Total around $7

1 Box Back To Nature cookies $2.15
1 Box Back To Nature cheese crackers $2.99
-$2 catalina from ice cream
- Buy cookies get crackers free coupon
Total $.46

I met my mom for dinner at Green Acres and picked up some clearanced salsa for $.99 and 3 red bell peppers for $.99.
Total $2

Total for the week $69.31

I know it looks like I was running all over town this week, but most of my trips were just because I decided to stop in and check for clearance items as I was running other errands and passing by. I have found that if I stop at the local health food stores several times a week I am able to get the most recently marked down items.

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