Monday, September 20, 2010

Wilderness Family Naturals-Jungle Peanuts 15-20% Off

I am sorry that I am just now getting this posted, but you can get 15-20% off of jungle peanuts at Wilderness Family Naturals through tomorrow. I personally have never hear of jungle peanuts, but after reading the description they appear to be hand planted, hand harvested, heirloom peanuts that are aflatoxin free (a toxic substance made by mold found on most conventional peanuts. I was thinking about this today as I was buying store brand peanuts and natural peanut butter)

According to the website these little nuts are packed with nutrients. Here is a description.

Wild Jungle Peanuts
contain 26% protein, higher than any other nut. Over 40% of the oils contained in this ancient peanut are oleic acid (the main fatty acid in olive oil). These ancient peanuts also contain 13% of the DV for Calcium and 21% of the DV for Iron

Might be worth a try.

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