Saturday, November 7, 2009

This Week's Grocery Totals

I did not have to spend too much on groceries this week since I made a large bulk food run last week as well as stocked up on meat the last week of October. I think I spent less then $50 for the month on good quality local beef and chicken (Smart Chicken). One of these days I will remember to get a photo of my groceries before I put them away so you can get a better feel for what I am able to get on a tight budget.

I will admit that am not completely happy with some of the purchases I made. They were not all the best choice health wise, but I am still learning how to balance everything as well. Especially when it comes to wanting all organic, whole foods and staying within budget. Hopefully we can all learn together.

Next week I will be restarting my series on transitioning to real foods and where to find them.

Aldi's (Not organic, but at least real foods)
9 pounds of tangerines - $2.97 (for making juice)
Broccoli $.99
Pasta Sauce 1.59
Apple juice $1.19 (Not good for us, but it gets the elderberry juice down my 4 yr old)
Carrots $.99
2 Grapefruits $.80
Garlic bulbs $.89
Bananas $1.17
Frozen Peas $.95
Frozen Corn $.95 (Usually I agree that if you can not buy organic corn it is not worth buying, but the budget is very tight this month and I had to compromise. I think I may have a good deal for next week on organic corn.)
Cream of mushroom soup $.59 (I finally found a recipe to make my own, yeah!)
Can green beans $.49
Total $14.40

6 cups of yogurt (My kids will not eat homemade for some reason. I will share how sometime.)
-$1 coupon
Total $1.70

Dillons again
Cheese ravioli $3.00 (For making pumpkin ravioli)
4 Pie crusts $4.00
Parmesan cheese $.99 marked down
Freezer bags $.83
Something for $2.19 (I can't understand the receipt)
Total $11.70

Emergency Essentials (online)
1 pound cinnamon -$10 gift card
Total $1.50

Totals for the weeks $29.30


  1. I think you did great. I am constantly striving to eat a more organic and natural diet as well and it is hard to do on a budget.

  2. I really admire those who make the transition to organic and whole foods. Someday I will be inspired enough by people like you to make it happen! Great way to use that Emergency gift card. I bet you won't run out of cinnamon for a while. :)

  3. Awesome! I love that cinnamon was an emergency essential. :) It's emergency around here too.

  4. Angela,
    I totally agree. Cinnamon is an essential around here :) We seem to use a lot of it. I received a second gift card and decided to use it for some spaghetti sauce mix. After it arrived I read the ingredients. I think they were all natural. I am now going to be able to make my own sauce with organic tomatoes. Total cost $.95!
    I know the website is for emergency essentials, but I decided to try and stretch my gift cards as far as possible. Shipping is $6!

  5. I love this! I try to do organic on what I can as well! But sometimes its not always possible at the end of the month. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am excited to see this site. I am trying to move back to a healthier lifestyle, and have just not motivated. Time and money to some extent have beed de-motivators. But after all the weight I have gained and the sluggishness I've felt since I've gone off a very healthy way of eating and living I feel like screaming enough is enough. Thanks Lorrie... I'll be joining!